Ukulele is Singapore's longest-serving brand consultancy. For more than 30 years, we have pioneered branding thought-leadership across all major industry segments and launched over 500 brands into successful domain leaders, both in Singapore and throughout the region.

We believe that the greatest ideas ever are those born out of Simplicity - The largest industries are not created out of huge resources, but inspired by simple big ideas. At Ukulele, we harness the power of simplicity to help businesses regain clarity, and achieve rarity. Simplicity that transcends. Elevating your business for limitless growth and distinction.

We are the brand behind these brands

At Ukulele, simplicity is religion. And we go deep.

Our proprietary methodology is a rigorous process we take all brands through, to distill, simplify and identify its true value. The same value that would permeate through your brand identity, messaging, and customers experience. A holistic brand concept in one seamless clarity.