Inspiring Asian
Brands Globally™

As Singapore’s very own first independent brand institution, we have inspired and breathed success into some of Asia’s leading businesses in the region. For more than a quarter century, we have pioneered branding thought-leadership and propelled brands into successful domain leaders, both in Singapore and the region.

At the heart of what we do is our vision to inspire Asian brands globally™. Asian-rooted yet global in perspective, Ukulele’s wisdom lies in its ability to understand the intricacies and evolving role of branding in Asia, and its growing influence in the global business markets. We have led new industry cycles, shifted paradigms, and accelerated growth for many businesses.

Award Winning,

Globally Recognized

Renowned as purists in our craft, our reputation has been built upon our single-minded focus in branding. From prestigious brand awards to International creative showcases, we have won close to 200 international awards and accolades in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Our works have been inducted and displayed in international and regional showcases, including the Museum for Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg Germany, HOW International USA, and the Arjo Wiggins Design Showcase, London.

Our coveted awards and accolades include

Arjo Wiggins Design Showcase, London | ARC Annual Report Competition International Award | AsiaStar Award Design 2K, USA | Global Corporate Identity, USA | Hong Kong Pacific Award Horseman Professional Design and Print Award - Grand Winner | HOW International USA | IdN Design Awards Singapore | IdN Design Awards - Hong Kong/Asia Pacific | Museum for Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany Showcase | Singapore Design Award - Distinction | Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Most Popular Brand Award 2007, 2009, 2010 | Singapore Packaging Star Award | Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Distinctive Brand Award | Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Heritage Brand Award | Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Overall Winner, Established Brand Award | Singapore Prestige Brand Award - CitiBusiness Regional Brand Award | WorldStar Award

In the Digital World,

Simplicity Rules.

The greatest ideas ever are those born out of simplicity. The largest industries are not created out of huge resources, but inspired by simple big ideas.This digital age has transformed the way we consume branded content. No longer just a function, brands have become more of building an identity and symbol for users.

In today’s digital world of ever-increasing complexity, brand simplicity is more crucial than ever. Simplicity is the very instrument brands need to get right. Your customers want only that, to simplify their lives. With a melange of choices and brands disparately marketing for attention, your brand needs to focus on simplicity and clarity. One that underscores distinction, clarity and memorability.

Simplicity Branding ™ adopts

the power of singularity.​

At Ukulele, simplicity is religion. And we go deep.

Our proprietary methodology is a rigorous process we take all brands through, to distill, simplify and identify its true value. The same value that would permeate through your brand identity, messaging, and customers experience. A holistic brand concept in one seamless clarity.

Simplicity Branding ™ adopts the power of singularity.

At Ukulele, we believe all brands, no matter at which stage of their life cycle, however disparate and fragmented, can regain simplicity. We evolve brands and return them back to their state of purity. We cut through the clutter by ruthlessly focusing on giving your customers what truly means to them.




Your brand is your most prized asset.

Whether you are already or about to make the digital plunge, ensure you have a solid brand strategy and clear identity in place. No marketing strategy is ever possible without having first, a clear brand strategy. Disparate digital marketing will only result in brand fragmentation.

More than just digital presence, what you want to achieve is digital distinction. More than sales, what you want is ultimately top brand recall and loyalty. Focus on your brand.  Let it drive and define your digital marketing strategy. Deliver the brand experience via the right digital communication channels and platforms – website, social media, search engines, blogs, etc..