SimplicityBranding™ unlocks the true value of your brand.

SimplicityBranding™ is all about subtracting the obvious and adding only the meaningful. It strips away all clutter and presents your brand in the most distinctive and compelling way - Clear, meaningful and true.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

SimplicityBranding™ is our proprietary 4-step methodology that takes your brand through from discovery to realization.

From research to competitors analysis, positioning to blueprinting, identity development to communications, culture to systems, our aim is to uncover the fullest potential of the brand, and brings to life what your customers truly want to experience.

1. Discovering Simplicity – Brand Audit
2. Simplicity Roadmap – Brand Blueprint
3. Aligning Simplicity – Brand Visual Identity
4. Simplicity Governance – Brand Systematization

Step One

Discovering Simplicity™

First, we listen to the pulse of your brand.

We understand the operating environment and all the perceptions surrounding it, both inside and outside the brand. Our in-depth discovery process is key to measuring and identifying all critical factors, motivators and associations that influence the success of your brand.

This audit phase provides a comprehensive overview of the brand, uncovering its brand equities and vulnerabilities. Discovering Simplicity™ acts as the guiding light in the conceptualization of the brand’s positioning roadmap.

Perception studies | Imprinting sessions | In-depth interviews | Discussion forums | Culture and Comms audit | Focus group

Step Two,

The Simplicity Roadmap™

Next, we crystallize your brand's distinction.

The Simplicity Roadmap™ process crystallises the core elements that make your brand unique, proprietary and differentiated. It defines who your brand is and how you tell your story, codifying the brand’s overarching belief, aspirations and its profound reason for existence. 

It solidifies and sets the foundation and precedence to holistically guide and align the brand’s identity and all its internal and external communications.  

Brand Story  | Brand DNA  | Brand Vision  | Brand Mission
Brand Values | Brand Promise | Brand Personality | Brand Positioning 

Step Three,

Aligning Simplicity™

Your brand's first moment of truth.

Aligning Simplicity™ is a carefully organized and managed touchpoint process that aligns, creates and integrates the most desired brand interactions and customer experience.

The brand and its visual identity is an embodiment of its DNA and purpose. One that positively incites that first moment of truth with its audience. We identify, keep and create the elements that best defines and represents your brand, decluttering and aligning it to simplicity gives your brand clarity, distinction and character.

Translating the blueprint into visible expressions, with the artistic use of language, graphics, type and colors, we will develop and design the identity and visual systems that’s best aligned to the desired positioning and how the brand wants to be experienced.

Brand Naming | Brand Visualization | Brand Architecture | Brand Messaging
Brand Lexicon | Brand Expressions | Brand Environment | Brand Communications

Step Four,

Simplicity Governance™

Rules of Simplicity that matter.

We believe all good brands start and end with good governance.

Central to your brand growth is the erection of a solid brand system to guide and govern all brand behaviors and communications. We will institute proper brand protocols that are required to ensure the long term consistency and cohesion at all brand contact points.

Robust yet scalable, Simplicity Governance™ is structured in place to ensure the brand stays on course, remain true to its DNA, and adheres to the highest form of standardization.

Brand SOP | Brand Culture & Engagement | Brand Voice