Live the Lighter Side


A chance encounter with Drew Barrymore at a juice bar in Beverly Hills, California piqued the interest of the three HIC founders. A 3-day juice cleanse sparked off a new love for the juicing lifestyle. HICJUICE was born in December 2013, with the aim of making premium raw, organic cold pressed juices available and accessible to everyone in Singapore.
We alienated competition by positioning HIC as a premier lifestyle brand.  Advocating to the health-conscious, HIC is about taking the leap forward, a movement towards life’s lighter side. An identity and brand architecture was designed with HIC as the master brand, monolithically extending it to HICJUICE, HICCAFE, HICCLUB and HIC&RUN. A total design revamp was carried out across all digital and communication touch points.  HIC is a proud winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.